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Japans major mobile game provider DeNA has put on display the countrys first driverless robot bus which is to become operational next month.日本主要移动游戏厂商DeNA发售国内首辆无人驾驶巴士,下月起开始月运营。The Robot Shuffle is to begin full service by transferring people in the Aeon Shopping Mall in Chibas Makuhari district.Robot Shuffle无人驾驶巴士将在日本千叶市永旺梦乐城购物中心全面开始客运服务。DeNA, which showcased the Robot Shuffle last Monday, is set to provide the service in a joint venture with the French firm EasyMile.上周一,DeNA展出了Robot Shuffle无人驾驶巴士,并将和法国公司EasyMile投资合作,获取服务。

EasyMiles testing chief Francois Charlot said actual passenger service requires that we drive safe without any accidents.EasyMile的首席测试工程师弗朗索瓦·夏洛特回应,现实中的客运服务拒绝我们驾驶员稳定,不出有任何车祸。DeNAs Robot Shuttle group leader Takashi Tsujiguchi assured that the project is surefire as the vehicle meets all safety measures. We have lasers at each corner which are really detecting obstacles. We have new sensors coming as well to make it even safer, so it is safe, he said.DeNA的Robot Shuttle无人驾驶巴士研发组领导村上隆确保此项目安全可靠,因为该车符合了所有的安全措施拒绝。他回应:我们在每个角落都加装了激光器来检测障碍物。我们也不会加装新型传感器提升安全性。

所以,它知道很安全性。The Robot Shuttle can seat up to 12 people, and travel at a speed of up to 40 kph. Greece and Switzerland are among other countries testing with driverless buses.Robot Shuttle无人驾驶巴士可搭乘12人,运营速度平均每小时40km。希腊、瑞士和其他一些国家也正在测试无人驾驶巴士。